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Celebrate YOU!

So I’ve missed a couple of days due to an illness, I will resume the Catch the Next Plane series shortly.

Today, July 16 is my birthday. What an exciting day. The day destiny transitioned from eternity to wrap itself in chronology only tomake me aware to continue moving forward towards eternity. Such a wonderful God to structure life in this way.

If you don’t make a big deal of your birth-day, you should. Start celebrating the awareness of your destiny!


See you tomorrow. . . . I’m gonna go eat some cake!

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Catching The Next Plane (Follow-up to 7/11/11 Blog Post)

Regret is one of destiny’s largest obstacles. Regret prevents us from living for the future by keeping us focused on the past. If you want to move forward in destiny, you must leave regret in the present moment.

Most people would expect that regret should be left in the past, but if you are dealing with regret today-it’s in your present. While the mistake or actions are behind us, the reprecussions of the actions stay with us if we don’t choose to discard them.

Catching the Next Plane Step 1: Discard feelings of regret

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Catch The Next Plane

You can’t run down the runway to catch a plane that has already taken off. We see the plane leaving, knowing we should be on it but have no way of boarding. Either we were late, failed to purchase the ticket on time or sometimes miss the plane of no fault of our own. The fault comes when we try to catch the plane that has already taken off. We mope, cry, complain or argue to no avail. The plane is gone.

Living in regret is like running after that plane. We look hopfully into the sky waiting for  the plane to return. The time we’ve spent waiting, we need to spend preparing for the next one.  A missed opportuunity is just that-missed. There’s no way to make up for it but you can plan for the next one.


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Moment of Truth

If you don’t set order to your day, your day will order you.

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Destiny’s Choices

Destiny is not one big moment in our lives. Destiny is the culmination of the combination of daily choices that lead to destiny fulfillment. Purposeful actions lead to destined outcomes. Haphazard choices lead to missed opportunities. A choice is always made even when the choice is the failure to make one.

We sometimes delay decisions,hoping we will make a better choice. Delayed decisions don’t always mean wiser choices. When purpose is fully known and destiny understood, the decision-making process is simplified. There are two questions to ask: Will this choice bring me closer to my destiny? Does it align with my current purpose?  The answer to each question should be yes if we are going to move forward.

Challenge: As you progress through your day, stop and consider the choices you make both consciously and subconsciously. Ask yourself the two questions and govern yourself accordingly.

Be blessed and live in destiny.

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Destined for Greatness

Welcome to the  Day By Day Destiny Blog

 You were created for something BIG! Yes you! You were created, you didn’t evolve or land here by some cosmic act of combustion. You are intentional. No matter the circumstances surrounding your conception, or what has happened since your entered the world, God intended for you to be here at this moment in time and He has a specific plan for your life. Knowing there is a plan brings such resolve and peace. However, discovering and following the plan can be daunting and often frustrating.

Join me on this daily journey as I share practical tips, encouraging messages and inspirational stories as we discover our unfolding destiny day by day.

Thank you for visiting and I will see you tomorrow!

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