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Get Rid of The BUT!

When God says let it go,  let it go. If He says destroy it,  destroy it:

1 Samuel 15:9 NLT
Saul and his men spared Agag’s life and kept the best of the sheep and goats, the cattle, the fat calves, and the lambs—everything, in fact, that appealed to them. They destroyed only what was worthless or of poor quality.

It is so easy to rid ourselves of poor habits and disruptive behaviors. We are more than willing to let unnecessary items go.   We talk ourselves out of bad relationships and dead – end jobs. We will host parties and hold bonfires when we release unwanted items. . .
BUT, what happens when the habit, behavior,  job or relationship is pleasing to you?

A big BUT,  is normally what happens. But why? But it’s only . . .But I really like this person.  . .But I don’t want to be alone.
Here’s the BUT: Bargaining Under Threat. In most cases we are unaware of the threat we are to our destiny. Holding on to things or people intensify this threat. The more comfortable we are the less we feel the need to change.  Comfort is one of destiny’s greatest adversaries. We begin to negotiate a deal to keep the terrorists in our lives all while trying to devise a winning battle strategy. You can’t destroy the kingdom and keep the king.
Destiny requires radical obedience and unwavering sacrifice. Get rid of the but.
It’s time to let go!
Destiny is waiting . . .

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GOD, Release Me From The Mindset of Rejection

Rejection is an inner enemy that defeats us before the world launches its first cannon. Infants can feel rejection from the womb and these feelings can shape who they become. Both introverts and extroverts can struggle with rejection. Rejection can shape our thought process often interjecting its needs into our mental planning.  If secondary thoughts about people’s perception,  acceptance or attitude towards you interrupt your goal planning or daily choices you need a release. We, need a release.

For years I have fought hard against rejection. I realize it is not just a feeling but a way of thinking I have to be delivered from. Giving yourself motivational talks and positive affirmation does not uproot the weeds embedded in your mind.  Positive affirmation is like putting that black cover over your soil and putting new on top of it to plant flowers in. You’ve landscaped your thought process. Beauty is growing but there’s rocky soil with weeds underneath.  Topical landscaping requires a great deal of upkeep. The plants are replaced yearly and the soil or mulch always needs to be replaced.  However, things that are planted directly into the ground will grow year after year with proper maintenance. Let God work on your soil. He knows how to make the most barren places bring forth a harvest.  Your destiny is waiting . . .

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Grace and Mercy

I had a friend ask me to explain grace and mercy. I’ve never been asked that question before but it caused me to think about God’s grace and mercy.
I saw mercy as the bail bondsmen posting bail before I was put in jail. A clear penalty was established but mercy removed the penalty of my actions. Thank God for mercy.
Destiny is waiting.  . .

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Hills, Boulders and Mountains: Part 3

Joshua fought many battles when conquering land for the nation of Israel. God gave them success on every side. Their success caused fear in the land prompting people to devise strategies and plans to eradicate their conquest. Joshua chapter 9 tells of alliance formed by seven kings against Joshua and the Israelites.  These kings united with the common goal of stopping the Israelite plan. Really they tried to stop the plan of God.

The plan of God is unstoppable.  He will do what He said He will do. Seven nations came against the Israelites at once. They were willing to use all their resources to take down the Israelite army. Your enemies or the enemy will use everything they have to stop your progress towards your promise but God’s plan is unstoppable.

When we are confronted with several problems at once we tend to feel overwhelmed or defeated. However,  I want to challenge your perspective. Yes Joshua had many challenges at one time. Joshua also had the opportunity to defeat several kings at one time.
Sometimes everything can hit us all at once.  The pile on of circumstances tries to bury us. Instead of becoming suffocated under the load ask God for grace to overcome them. You can be overwhelmed or choose to overcome. God will give you the victory over ALL of your enemies whether small armies or entire nations.  You will not be defeated! Destiny is waiting . . .

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Hills, Boulders and Mountains- Part 2

Boulders are large rocks that have been moved from their original location to another location by some act of nature. Most people will not be crushed or run over by a boulder.  It’s huge! When you see it coming you can get out of its way. Yet not everyone will remove themselves from the pending danger.

The intrigue of danger will lead us beyond rational practices into risky behavior.  Right now you can probably think of a boulder like situation in an area of your life. Whether it be mounting debt,  upcoming retirement or perhaps a volatile relationship, begin to plan how you will get out of the way.
Destiny is waiting . . .

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Hills, Boulders and Mountains: Part 1

Mountain climbing is an activity that requires acclimation. The decision to reach the top of Mt. Everest means you must have the determination to fuel your decision.  Believing in yourself  and visualizing yourself at the top of the mountain are great starting points but the initiation to create momentum is climbing.  Start the process of climbing!

If you have ever flown or driven through a mountainous area you have probably experienced ear popping.  Ear popping isn’t necessarily painful but it can be uncomfortable. Pressure builds within the ear with changes in altitude. The popping is an indication that the ear has returned to neutral. The ear has balanced the internal and external pressure experienced from the change. The moment we feel the “pop” or the slight discomfort  our ears are notifying us that everything is returning to normal. 

In this climb towards destiny we are sure to experience many moments of discomfort. Pressure builds around us daily, just wait for the “pop”. Things are returning to normal. Keep climbing.
Destiny is waiting  . . .

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Life Comes At You Fast

Sometimes my life feels like an advertisement for an insurance policy. Life comes at me pretty fast with Mayhem at the wheel. After reading the books of Job, Jonah and the Psalms, I realized life troubles are par for the course. Who am I to feel overly burdened? Nevertheless I will commence with my laments.

Lamenting can be beneficial. It gives us a means to express our feelings with direction and focus. A lament is a purposeful complaint submitted to one with the power to address the complaint.  Repeating the problem doesn’t bring about change but a focused petition can attract the attention of the highest court. Focus on your petition the heavenly courts are waiting to hear your case.

Destiny is waiting.  . .

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