Destiny Demands A Decision Part 2

14 Apr

Decisions haven’t always been easy for me. They weren’t always hard either.  Growing up I was confident, communicative and out going.  I felt like I could do anything.  If there was something I didn’t want to do or was uncomfortable doing I just didn’t do it.
Time and people well more so people over time caused me to second guess myself.  My desire to be obedient and submissive to authority whittled away at my decision making process. People’s voices became very influential in my life. They held the mic and I became the amplifier steaming their messages through my life. Well I’m unplugging the sound board.

That is my decision. It’s not because someone did something to me or out of frustration, I have to unplug for me. I only want to hear two voices, the voice of God and my own.

Sometimes we can feel that we are making our own decisions but haven’t analyzed our decision making process. By all means take into consideration the effect your decision(s) will have on your spouse and/or children but also consider the effect it will have on you.
In the pursuit of destiny, happiness is not the goal. You won’t always be happy nor will you make everyone else happy.
Destiny demands tough decisions but also yields a rewarding life.
We will spend more time tomorrow identifying the decision making process.
Destiny is waiting . . .

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