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Important vs. Impactful

As I sat in a formal academic ceremony watching my colleagues process by me my desire to excel in the world, especially the world of academia began speaking. “Go for it. You belong up there”.  The melody of pomp and circumstance hums within longing for all the grandeur the song contains. But then a still small voice within me speaks calmly, “Choose to make an impact rather than be important”.

I sat back pondering this statement yet satisfied. I was where I belonged.There is a desire within us to be great. We long to be known.  We harness a goodness of God that wants to shine bright. Our responsibility is to always position ourselves for His glory to be made evident. Sitting where He seats learning of His will and purpose for our position.  You may not be recognized but His presence will be made known.

Destiny is waiting.  . .

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There’s A Seat For You

I entered a crowded room at a state sponsored conference.  As I entered I saw people leaving stating there aren’t any seats. I continued into the room because I wanted to be in the session.  My eyes began panning the room searching for a seat. It would be uncomfortable squeezing between  people I didn’t know, but I was looking.  A gentleman to the right of me while pointing in front of me says, “Here’s a seat right here”. Light bulb moment!

Sometimes we are looking so far in advance we miss the opportunity right in front of us. Look right where you are. There is a seat available for you.
Secondly,  there is a seat available for you.  No matter how crowded the room may be, no matter how many people have already applied,  no matter how many times you have seen others try and walk away there is a seat for you.  Find your seat and take it.
Destiny is waiting . . .

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