02 Sep

I’ve just come to a realization that I’ve had and have some drips in my life. Maybe you have them too. Let me explain.

I try to be a faucet. I let resources and  information flow freely from life. I’m also learning how to turn the faucet off. Everything needs rest at some point.

But there are some people who aren’t free flowing. They release resources one drip at a time. Some people do so in the name of self preservation, while others understand the capacity of the vessels they are pouring in to. Then there are those people who want you to keep coming back for their own selfish reasons. You can identify drips in the following manner:

They are stingy with material goods. Drips are quick to ask you for something but very limited in their response to your need.

They are teasers
Drips share information and display resources for show only.

They want to attract you.
Drips don’t really want to reciprocate relationship.  They give just enough to cause you to come back but never enough to meet the need. You will rarely complete a project or task with this type of person.

They will call you thirsty.
Drips highlight and ridicule your need while rarely releasing the resources to meet the need.

You don’t have to stick with a drip find another faucet.
Destiny is waiting!

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