Destiny Demands A Decision

My Dad came to visit me today. (this is a testimony I’ll share in another blog) It was an impromptu visit but very purposeful.  I was discussing a life issue with him asking for fatherly advice and he said something I pondered for the remainder of the evening.  His statement to me was this,  “I don’t want you to have to make a choice,  I want you to make a decision. ”

I had to chew on this for a minute.  I didn’t understand exactly what he was saying but knew it meant something profound. I wrestled with the semantics of the words and dissected the phrases.  Finally I got it. Life will present us with choices. People present us with choices.  Work presents us with choices but there is often another option outside of the choices we are presented with. Making a decision will often eliminate the options.  The decision for destiny determines your choices. Decide who you are.  Decide what you have been called to do. Decide whom you will journey with. Decide to trust your decisions. Make a decision for destiny.
Destiny is waiting . . .

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Tools of A Giant Killer Part 2

The Lord rejected Saul as King because he failed to obey God completely. Saul became less effective as a warrior and leader because he lacked the ammunition of obedience.
Complete obedience is God’s requirement. We can anticipate the full backing of Heaven when we operate in complete obedience. Heaven joins us as we align ourselves with God.
Obedience is not comfortable ,but it will always be necessary. 
Destiny is waiting

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Tools of A Giant Killer

How I wish you could see yourself as God sees you with the stature and authority of Saul. Saul was just slightly smaller than Goliath but feared him nonetheless.  Saul had the stature and authority to defeat Goliath but allowed the fears of others to become his.

When everyone else is running from the problem you may be the one to run to it because you can solve it.

There is a giant killer in all of us. Each person has within them the solution to a giant sized problem.   You have to identify the right tools to kill your giant.
Find the right tools by:

1.   Finding the strategy that works best for you by reviewing the victories you have had in the past.
2.   Identify your skills.
3.   Connect your skills with  knowledge
4.   Know and believe that you have the right solution

You are a conquering giant killer. Now believe it.
Destiny is waiting.  . . .

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Take Up Your Cross Part 3: Pain is a part of the process

The experience of the Golgatha was painful actually it was brutal. Before Jesus got to the excruciating pain of the Cross He bore the weight of the Cross as he carried. Our cross represents the mark we are to leave on the world. Leaving that mark on the world will leave us  with marks, stripes, bruises and scabs. There is pain associated with purpose. The pain causes us to realize our limitations but also stretches us. Pain builds endurance.  Endurance develops perseverance.  Perseverance pushes us to purpose.  Take up your cross. The pain is necessary. 
Destiny is waiting.  . .

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Take Up Your Cross Part 2: Get Hell Settled

It’s Saturday. This isn’t just any Saturday it’s the one between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. The day it is reported that Jesus went to hell  to set captivity captive. I have been pondering what Christ was doing between His death and resurrection.  What really happened on Saturday?

Jesus confronted Hell. After His death He went to declare victory over that which tried to have victory over Him. Jesus overcame death, hell and the grave and gave us the authority to do the same. Whatever hell you have dealt with you have the authority to confront it, not just escape it. Speak into the darkness that has invaded your life and tried to overtake you and declare your victory over it. Darkness is expelled by the light.  Jesus is the light and His entrance into any situation brings about everlasting change.  You have the authority use it!
Destiny is waiting.  . .

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Take Up Your Cross

As I look forward to Resurrection Sunday,  I am reminded of all that took place leading up to the most miraculous act of grace man could receive. We have been given Eternity without death because Jesus embraced His destiny.  He embraced His cross.
The cross was an awful, gruesome reality our Savior bore on our behalf. I am reminded to be grateful,  thankful and humble for the destiny I have been called to.  I have not suffered to the shedding of blood to embrace what God has for me. I can pick up my cross and carry it with the grace Christ died for me to have. No matter how hard this journey becomes it won’t compare to the cross. Jesus carried the cross that would hold him unto death. Surely I can embrace and carry my cross that will bring me life.

Jesus thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank You for dying so we may live. Help us to remember your suffering but also to live in Your victory. Thank You for Your love and grace. Amen

Destiny is waiting. . .

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Get Rid of The BUT!

When God says let it go,  let it go. If He says destroy it,  destroy it:

1 Samuel 15:9 NLT
Saul and his men spared Agag’s life and kept the best of the sheep and goats, the cattle, the fat calves, and the lambs—everything, in fact, that appealed to them. They destroyed only what was worthless or of poor quality.

It is so easy to rid ourselves of poor habits and disruptive behaviors. We are more than willing to let unnecessary items go.   We talk ourselves out of bad relationships and dead – end jobs. We will host parties and hold bonfires when we release unwanted items. . .
BUT, what happens when the habit, behavior,  job or relationship is pleasing to you?

A big BUT,  is normally what happens. But why? But it’s only . . .But I really like this person.  . .But I don’t want to be alone.
Here’s the BUT: Bargaining Under Threat. In most cases we are unaware of the threat we are to our destiny. Holding on to things or people intensify this threat. The more comfortable we are the less we feel the need to change.  Comfort is one of destiny’s greatest adversaries. We begin to negotiate a deal to keep the terrorists in our lives all while trying to devise a winning battle strategy. You can’t destroy the kingdom and keep the king.
Destiny requires radical obedience and unwavering sacrifice. Get rid of the but.
It’s time to let go!
Destiny is waiting . . .

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